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Brezza marina room

It is composed of two communicating rooms, living and sleeping area with double bed and private bathroom, it is characterized by the light blue color, sand and cream, with the freshness of the environment it will seem to be wrapped in a light sea breeze. wanted to keep that delightful part of vintage furniture, handmade by the great-grandfather, which gives warmth and familiarity and which are now part of the history and tradition of the house.

The sleeping area, in the tranquility of its position, is ideal for a pleasant rest .

The living area is equipped with a minibar, sink, large table and crockery.

The bathroom has a large shower and is equipped with all comforts.

The BREZZA MARINA windows overlook the typical Ligurian alley where, through the light of the “tower houses ”, Insinuates on one side the sparkle of a timid glimpse of the sea and on the other the view of the terraced hills.

SERVICES: Living area with minibar, sink, large table and crockery – Bathroom with shower – Air Conditioning – Heating – Internet

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