La Stiva joins the European Charter
Marchio di Qualità 2.0-Cets Fase 2

The ECTS, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, introduces the concept of participatory governance to promote sustainable tourism and provide protected areas a solid framework, fostering better integration and cooperation with all the stakeholders a developing a touristic offer  in line with the needs of Protected Areas in terms of biodiversity.

ECTS is assigned by Europarc Federation.

Our commitment
for the Environment

In our guest house we said goodbye to plastic and to single-dose products. Ceramic cups, glass cups,

separate collection and soap in the dispenser. Tap water is drinkable. In the
fridge you will find a glass bottle to keep it cool.

Help us to respect the environment: separate waste, turn off lights and electrical appliances when you go out.
And remember, keep the room at an appropriate temperature according to the season!